…And Away We Go!

Dear Class:

I wanted to make sure that a few things are clear to all of you – I know our class meets early and that many of you are (clearly) not morning people, so I need to know that we’re all speaking the same language.

***  Our books ARE available at the bookstores, they’re just not in nice little piles under our section number.  Take your syllabus to the bookstore of your choice and they’ll direct you to the texts you need.

***  Please read the sections of the chapter I printed out to you THAT ARE LISTED IN THE SYLLABUS.  There are a few pages you can skip over.  This will be the basis for our discussion and lesson on Friday, so please have it read before you next come to class.  Taking notes and coming to class with questions would be great, too (hint, hint!).

***  The response paper prompts are in your syllabus and yes, please answer ALL of them in your papers.  It’s likely that this paper will go over the usual and customary one-page, but as I’m getting to know your writing voices, I think that more is better (at least for this assignment).  They won’t all be this involved, as you can see from reading the other prompts.  Recognize that you can ALWAYS write more if you feel you need to (but not less, please – that’s not the point of the class).  Please also feel free to include any points that strike you, even if they aren’t mentioned in the prompts.  Oh, and in case you’re having trouble finding it, the link to the Malcolm X piece is here.

***  I check my email almost constantly, but I can’t always respond immediately (I can receive email on my phone, but it’s often fussy about letting me send outgoing stuff).  If you need an IMMEDIATE response from me – if you’re sitting in front of your computer ready to slit your wrists over something – email me your question AND your phone number and, if I’m able, I’ll call you back right away (just don’t expect a return call in the middle of the night – I turn off at about 10:00).  Please also recognize that I’m happy to be a resource for the writing that you have to do in other classes, too; don’t feel like you can come to me only for help on writing we’re working on in our class.

***  Please use this email to correspond with me; I have a Local U. email address, but it’s a bear to get to.  You’re pretty much guaranteed a quick response from me if you send things to my house rather than to my office.
I think we’re going to have a WONDERFUL semester.  I’m very much looking forward to this term with you!


Mrs. Chili



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5 responses to “…And Away We Go!

  1. Let’s hope this year holds better overall results in student’s getting their papers completed as asked.

  2. So where can we get the books? Why do we have to look for them individually? That’s so much harder. Where are the sections of the chapter we have to read? When do we have to have them read? Do we have to answer ALL the questions in the prompts? What if our paper is longer than a page? Is it ok if it’s shorter than a page? Where was that Malcom X thing? Will all of this be on a test?

    Tee hee, serious teaching flashbacks! Maybe I should be looking for teaching jobs. Hmmmm…

    Hope you have a good semester!

  3. Have a wonderful semester! I gave my private email to my students during year one, but I decided I don’t want them to mail me there. So I know give them my school mail only, despite the fact that I can’t use it from home. It’s a sacrifice I make for preserving my privacy.

  4. ‘Bugs, I have slightly higher hopes that papers will be turned in more regularly at Local U. than they are at TCC, but I’ve got enough experience to temper that optimism…

    Jules, what’s funny is that I actually GOT some of those questions:
    “We have to read ALL of this? By FRIDAY?!”
    “Yes, my babies, you do; welcome to university!”

    I questioned this move, too, Frumteacher, but my decision was mitigated by a couple of things – first, this email address that I’m using is dedicated solely to my academic professional life (as opposed to my fitness teaching professional life or my blogging life or my non-professional life; I have way too many email addresses!). Second, I’m teaching college kids. While this doesn’t guarantee against misuse, I’m willing to hedge my bets a little bit with older students.

  5. “…temper that optimism.” Ha! No kidding!

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