Getting Ready

School for the girls starts on Wednesday (though, really, I don’t think it actually starts until next Tuesday.  Why the kids go back for two days this week only to have four days off makes no sense to me, but I’m not the one who sets the calendar, I suppose).  For the most part, we’re ready; they’ve managed to cull most of their needed school supplies from their craft center – I told them that there was no way I was bringing more markers and pencils into this house until we thin the proverbial herd from what we’ve already got spilling out of their drawers.  Beanie still needs a spiral notebook and Punkin’ has been a little slower on the hunt, so I’m not sure what she’ll need, but whatever can’t be had from the current supplies will be obtained in a supply run before they have to report for duty on Wednesday.

School starts for me next Wednesday (the students go back on Tuesday, but I have a M/W/F schedule),  Today, though (and Wednesday and Thursday), there are orientation “classes” for new adjuncts that I’m going to peek in on.  My boss at L.U. (I’ll call him Chaucer – the man got his Ph.D. in Old English literature) has told me that I don’t have to attend these sessions; I’ve got some teaching experience and Chaucer says the classes are intended for brand-new, never-taught-before graduate students who will be teaching sections of Freshman English as part of their own curriculum.  I’m going to go to at least today’s session, though, just to see if there’s anything in there that can be useful to me; while it’s true that I’ve taught before, I’ve not taught here before.  Besides, I’m hoping to get my rosters and the keys to my office this morning.

More – much more, I suspect – later.  Happy Monday!



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4 responses to “Getting Ready

  1. Keys to your office, schmancy!

  2. I KNOW!! Of course, I was VERY disappointed; I got neither my rosters nor the keys to my office (which, if I’m reading the documentation correctly, I don’t have to share with anyone! SUPER schmancy!! Of course, it’ll probably be a steam junction or something, but I don’t care – it’s my very first OFFICE!!). Maybe Wednesday.

    I’ll tell you what, though; I’m already going through my home bookshelves for the things that I know I’ll want to have in that office. I know I’ll have to move them all out again in January (though the possibility exists that I’ll be asked back for the January term, the likelihood of my being able to keep the same office is slim-to-none), but I don’t care – I HAVE AN OFFICE!!

  3. morgan

    Oooooh, I’m jealous! I love moving into a new office with a desk and shelves and all sorts of things to organize. Well, I just love organizing in general, but when it’s my own office I get especially excited. Congrats and best of luck next week. I know you’ll be fabulous.

  4. A new place to teach–how exciting. All the best to you, dear Chili!

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