A Little Bit of Geeky Nothingness

I rarely meme here, but since there’s been little happening on the professional front lately (I’m teaching a once-a-week lit. class and there’s really nothing exciting happening there, and the Local U. gig doesn’t start for another couple of weeks), I thought I’d do this fun little bit of nothingness found over at Colonel Colonel’s place.

Book Geek Test –

Have you ever deliberately bought another copy of a book because it had a different cover than the one you have?

No, but I’ve bought books thinking that I didn’t already have a copy. As a result, I’ve got duplicates of Suite Francaise, John Adams, Illusions, and Wicked.

Have you ever bought extra copies just so you could give them away?

THIS I’ve done; I’ve bought a book for a friend that I already owned but couldn’t bear to part with.

Have you ever spent more than 20.00 to replace a book you read as a kid?

As a matter of fact, I have. I tracked down an out-of-print copy of a book called Sugar Bee. It was one of the few books I remember from my childhood, and it was important enough for me to find so that my girls could read it, too.  I don’t remember if I paid more than 20 bucks for it, but if I did, it was worth it (even if I CAN get it for four bucks at Amazon now).

Have you ever pre-ordered a book as soon as it was humanly possible?

Um, yeah. Doesn’t everyone?

Have you ever maxed out your library card?

Um, yeah. Doesn’t everyone?

Have you ever tried to acquire absolutely everything an author has ever written including, text books, liner notes and book jacket blurbs?

Not so much with this one. I know that every author has his or her highs and lows (Grisham, for example, rocks the lawyerly fiction genre, but kind of sucks at everything else – well, in my opinion, anyway).

Can you sense whether there are books at a yard sale or a flea market booth before you get there?

I tend to not frequent yard sales or flea markets, but I might if I knew books would be there.

When you’re shopping with friends do they try to rush you past the books and then groan audibly when you stop?

No; almost all my friends are bookstore dorks, too (including Mr. Chili, which is damned handy, if you ask me).

Have you ever not heard your named called in a bookstore? On purpose?

No, not since I was little-little. I’m a pretty responsible addict now, especially since I’ve had children, and they’re often the ones calling my name.

Have you ever been asked to leave a bookstore because it was 10 minutes past closing?

Yeah. I’m not proud of it, but yeah.

Do you fix mis-shelved books in bookstores?


Do you help customers find books in stores you don’t work in?

Yes; again, all the time.

Have you ever stood outside a bookstore waiting for it to open?

I’ve not stood, exactly, but have sat in my car, so yes.

Have you ever scribbled a recommended book title on the back of your checkbook register or deposit slip?

I used to, but now I have a notebook application on my phone, so I actually have those recommendations with me when I’m next in a bookstore.

Have you ever made up fake plans so you could read undisturbed?

Not recently, but I have done this in the past, yes.

Have you ever stayed up all night to finish a book and then called in late the next morning?

No, but I have stayed up late enough to make the morning commitments very uncomfortable.

Have you ever started reading a book at the store and bought it so you could finish?

Yes (do you know how many of these questions are making me giggle in kind of a self-conscious way?).

Have you ever flung a book you didn’t like across the room?

No, but I have had to put books down because they were upsetting me so, whether for terrible writing or characters that make me crazy.

Do you turn magazines sideways so you can read the book titles in the picture backgrounds?


Do you surreptitiously try to get the titles off the books people are reading on the subway?

I’m never on a subway but for a few times a year when I go to Boston, so no. I DO, however, try to peek at what people are reading in waiting rooms. I think that’s my equivalent.

Do you wonder why the people on TV don’t have more bookcases in their homes?

Yes, and I love the shows with characters who DO have bookcases (remember Mad About You?  Paul and Jamie had great bookshelves).

Has anyone in your household encouraged you to open a bookstore so you can sell all the books cluttering up the place?

Not yet….

Have you ever used something for a bookmark that was important and forgotten what book it was in?

No, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find a one or five-dollar bill holding a place in my books.

Have you ever sat in the car in the driveway while listening to an audio book?

No, I tend not to utilize audiobooks, but I have sat in the driveway (well, the garage, actually) to listen to the end of an NPR story…

Have you ever sat in the car in the driveway reading a real book?

Yes, but most often I sit reading in parking lots while waiting to meet someone.  If I’m in my own driveway, I’d be much more comfortable on my couch than in my car.

Do you take more books on vacation that you could read in three vacations?

Not in THREE vacations, but yes; I take what I know will be a surplus, just so I won’t fear scarcity.

Do you have more than 4 unread books on your bedside table? more than 10? more than 25?

As a matter of fact, I JUST cleared out the bedside table. The only thing there is the book I JUST finished reading (In the Fall by Jeffrey Lent. I’d give it a solid B).

Do you have no bedside table, just a pile of books?

No, I have a bedside table. Sometimes I have a bedside table AND a pile of books….

Have you ever fantasized about a 10 minute bookshopping spree?

I think I fantasize about this more than I fantasize about sex, actually.

Do you know the home city of all the major publishers by heart?

When I was a student, I did. I’ve let those brain cells lapse, though, so not so much anymore.

(I added this one) Do you make notes in the margins of your books?

This is actually a quirk of mine. No, I don’t make notes in my margins, despite a good 6 or 7 years of English teacher training. Almost every one of my colleagues does, but I cannot bring myself to write in books, so I use mini Post-its and write my notes on them, then stick them in the margins. Type-A, I know, but I can’t help it. You should SEE my copy of Frankenstein. Wait – I’ll show you…

What about YOU? How do you hold up in a book-geek contest?



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8 responses to “A Little Bit of Geeky Nothingness

  1. I’ll be blogging this one at my place later, too much to put in a comment. I like the meme!

  2. You fantasize about shopping for books more than you fantasize about sex?!

    My condolences go out to Mr. Chili… 😉

    You knew I was gonna be a wiseass with that one, right?

  3. How about fantasizing about books about sex?

    I’m right up there with you in the book/geek land. I want new shelves that are bigger and taller. I am out of room.

  4. My blog would be a much duller place if I didn’t have Mrs. Chili to steal ideas from. I’m going to post my book-geek answers today.

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  6. When I was going through a particularly rough time a few years ago, I would go to my local book store and just sit and browse for hours. It was soothing in a way nothing else was.

  7. I’m all over this one. Stay tuned. 🙂

  8. larasseeser

    This was fun to read. I had the same sort of giggles.

    Note to self: When you have finally started your own blog, please do Book Geek Meme!

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