Hold, Please…

A Grammar Wednesday is forthcoming, though we might not get to it today.

California Teacher Guy (who is in direct competition with Kizz for the title of most stalwart supporter of this little weekly feature) sent me an email last week asking me to review the differences between “lay” and “lie.”  In his email, he included three examples of the words being used – only one of them was used correctly – and asked for us, GW readers, to determine which was right.

Like a dolt, I’ve somehow managed to misplace that email, so I’ve asked him to resend it.  Grammar Wednesday is awaiting his reply; please check back later….


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One response to “Hold, Please…

  1. Oh, speaking of which, I keep forgetting to ask for a review of complimenting vs. complementing. I’ve been seeing them used in ALL the wrong ways by people who should know better and in all the right ways by people who surprise me.

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