Grammar Wednesday

Alternately titled; “What Do You Do With the Other 80%?

I saw this sign last Sunday on my way in to the town where the Shoah seminar was held, and I told myself that I would be sure to get a picture on my way out of town a week later so I could post it for you.

Now, I know that it’s entirely possible that a letter fell off – that happens all the time – and I was fully ready to allow that as an explanation… until I saw that the sign was exactly the same on both sides.



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7 responses to “Grammar Wednesday

  1. jrh

    Based on my work with dogs, I’d say I love 20% of labs too. 🙂

  2. What in the world does that MEAN?

  3. Maybe they only had two Fs? And it’s not like you can make an F out of an upside-down 7… 😉

  4. What made me laugh was that they hand wrote the percent symbol; they couldn’t write another F with a Sharpie?

  5. LOL! Maybe they only like 20% of EACH lab. “We like the head and shoulders, but the rest of the dog has to go!”

    If I had a lab I’d be a little afraid to take her there since they have sharp objects. They might decide to remove the parts they don’t like!

  6. Since the store is called “Glad Wags”, maybe the only like the tails?

  7. angklocke

    Love it! LOL!

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