I want to show my composition kids a movie on Thursday. They’re handing in their research papers and I really don’t have anything more planned for them for the semester, but we still have to meet for the class period, anyway  Do any of you have any suggestions on what a good film for a composition class would be?

I’m considering The Freedom Writers, or perhaps The Great Debaters.  I want it to be a film about finding one’s voice and showing the world what one is capable of, but I don’t want it to be overly preachy (or inaccessible – these aren’t exactly Rhodes Scholars we’re dealing with, here; they’d have little tolerance for something like The Dead Poets’ Society).

Gimme what you’ve got!



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12 responses to “Suggestions

  1. What’s the lesson?

  2. Sorry – I think I caught you in mid-publish and only saw the first sentence. Hmmmm, I’ll think on it …

  3. lolo

    How about “The Hurricane?”

  4. Julie Meiklejohn

    Finding Forrester, with Sean Connery as a curmudeonly old writer that mentors a “street kid” in writing, is a great one.

  5. Finding Forrester is good.

    If you want something completely different about finding your voice, how about The Whale Rider?

  6. Of course if they can’t sit through the Dead Poets Society, they probably would be bored with TWR.

    How long is the class period?

  7. What about just going for one with GREAT dialog, like Moonstruck?

  8. Darci

    I strongly support Freedom Writers. I showed this to both my 7th and 8th grade class and we are still talking about it. We watched it in December.

  9. I agree, you must show Finding Forrester in a writing course. What a movie. I suspect many have not seen it like Great Debaters. How about Mona Lisa Smiles?

  10. whodoesshethinksheisanyway

    How about To Kill A Mockingbird?

  11. I like all the above suggestions that I’ve seen: Whale Rider, Freedom Writers, Mona Lisa Smiles. Whale Rider is a tremendous story. Not exactly about writing.

  12. Kizz suggested Timeline when we were on the phone last night, and I think I really like that idea. It’s a fun story, there are a lot of places where you’ve got to think to make the story work (the whole time-space continuum thing freaks me out) and it’s got enough action to hold my students’ attention, I think. I’ve got until this afternoon to make my final decision, though, so keep tossing out suggestions…

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