Grammar Wednesday

A few weeks ago, I taught one of my classes in a different room, as my usual room was commandeered for a special seminar. When I walked in to my temporary environment, I found this ALL OVER the white board.

It seems that my friend and colleague had forgotten to bring the mid-term with her to class in that room the night before. The students were so excited about this fact that they decorated the entire white board with their celebratory exclamations. If I were the teacher, though, I’d not give ANY of them ANY credit (“we call get full cerdit? ” I don’t frickin’ think so!).



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7 responses to “Grammar Wednesday

  1. Ha ha ha- full cerdit. That would NEVER happen to me. I can MAKE UP a test on the fly if I have to. I am a superwoman; hear me roar.

  2. Yeah, the “we call” jumped right out at me as did the “Era will give Jaime coffee.” Seems as if Jaime needs to cut back on the caffeine.

  3. Django

    Fort Apache

  4. And I thought 6th graders were bad when they spell a lot as one word! Seriously I’m thinking that next year as soon as I have the “a lot is two words discussion” my students will be told that points will be deducted every time I see it as one word.

  5. This is great! I am with saintseester; I can make up a few good essay questions on the fly.

  6. Oh, yes, I could definitely pull something out of my ass and give them their final. Full cerdit? Maybe not.

  7. Love the pic’. It reflects the students’ emotions (and, unfortunately, their spelling skills) in a great way. I forgot to bring a midterm exam to school once, and I felt horrible. I made it up by handing out treats at the midterm on the new date we had set. I hope it will never happen again…

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