It’s Mid-Term Season!

Mid-term season is, at least for me, a pretty stressful time.  I go into it all enthusiastic and hopeful; I’ve taught a good half a term, my students seem to be grooving along with me, I’ve made sure to cover, several times over, the important bits I want my students to understand, I design a test that’s challenging, but not overly harsh.

I’m always – ALWAYS – disappointed.  There are the few who do really well, don’t get me wrong, but it seems that the ones who do poorly do SO poorly that I wonder if they’ve not sent in their twins, who’ve never taken the class in their lives, to take the tests for them.

I had some “winner” (read; loser) answers on the take-home portion of the public speaking mid-term (though not quite as loser as O’Mama, who had a student who plagiarized the essays), and this comic, from, sums up perfectly what I wish I could say to my students:

Thanks to ms_teacher for turning me on to this site – I love it!



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2 responses to “It’s Mid-Term Season!

  1. Whoever made that drawing of me talking to my students about textual evidence made a mistake – I don’t wear glasses.

  2. Organic Mama

    Ok, LOVE that cartoon. Yeah, one bonehead plagiarized and I am in the process of documenting this so he comes up on some kind of reprimand. That said, I would really like to assign him something medieval like writing “I will not plagiarize” 1200 times. Spelled correctly.

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