Grammar Wednesday

I’m hip-deep in grading papers this morning, Everyone. I could give you a lecture on what makes a sentence complete and why you should never, EVER use sentence fragments in writing that is being turned in for a grade, but I’m a little too depressed at this point to make that fun, so today’s Grammar Wednesday post is brought to you courtesy of

Have a Happy Wednesday!



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2 responses to “Grammar Wednesday

  1. I was reading a novel this week. The author kept using sentence fragments. In one paragraph I counted 5 of them. It drove me batty! I mentioned it to my mom; being the “expert” writer she said it was okay if it was for dramatic effect. I said, it is not okay if it drives the reader batty.

    I struggle with my son every time he has to turn in a research paper. I will tell him to edit sentences that need work, and he’ll fuss because “his teacher didn’t tell him to do that.” Grrr. The prime issue this week was not starting a report of with the phrase “this report is about.”

  2. I thought of you today when one of the 4th graders wrote on their teacher’s “hall of fame” poster “Your the best teacher I ever had.” And I thought “hmmm. . apparently still not good enough to teach you about contractions!”

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