I Swear to You…

… I DO NOT make this stuff up.

Check out what I found as I was going over the homework my students handed in yesterday:




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9 responses to “I Swear to You…

  1. Here is what I wonder when you post this stuff: How many times has this student done this before? What were the consequences when they did it before? WTF?

  2. Um, don’t you teach COLLEGE???
    I’m with Kizz- WTF???

  3. I do, indeed, teach college. Junior college, I’ll grant you, but college nonetheless.

    Amazing, isn’t it?

  4. Ummmmm, AARRRRRRGH! (That’s me, sharing in your frustration.)

  5. Val

    oh, heck no….I think I would lose it on some lazy chillun’!!

  6. at least he/she was honest? and claiming to feel contrite?

    no, i’m with you, that doesn’t excuse it at all, does it?

  7. “I didn’t feel like passing you…”

  8. I don’t FEEL like listening to excuses for laziness.


  9. I would reply on the bottom of the page saying “I hope you find some motivation because I really don’t FEEL like having you in the class again next semester!”

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