I Guess it’s NOT Settled…

Betsy, it seems, is serious about contesting her grade.  I called in to the college this morning to get our fax number so Eddie could send me something, and when Joyce in the registrar’s office answered the phone, she said “OH!  CHILI!  Your name’s already come up this morning!”

Uh, oh.  That can’t be good.

Yep.  Betsy still thinks she deserves to pass the class, so I’ve gathered up all the materials I have from her and am heading to the college this afternoon to deliver them to my bosses.  I have NO expectation that the grade will be changed – neither Joe nor Dean will ask me to do that after they see that not only did I do my job, but that Betsy really didn’t.  Still, it’s unnerving to be so blatantly challenged like this, particularly by someone who so clearly has no legs to stand on.



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6 responses to “I Guess it’s NOT Settled…

  1. nhfalcon

    She’s challenging you because she has no clue that she has no legs to stand on. She’s from a generation laden with brats swollen with self-entitlement and mistaken with the belief that they squeak their wheels enough they will get their way.

    Drop your stuff off to your bosses and let them deal with this foolish little girl. As unfortunate as it may be, she strikes me as one of the ones you just need to get forget and move on from.

  2. She may also think that if she squeaks loud enough everyone will let her pass just to shut her up. Boy howdy is she freaking wrong! Love that.

  3. I am with Kizz….I have experienced this before; it is always the “one who clearly has no legs to stand on”.

  4. Hang tough, Mrs. Chili!

  5. This is beyond ridiculous. Her reality will hit when she tries this at her first job. I’m sure she won’t have it for very long.

  6. I recently read that over 70% of purchases for kids are the result of nagging. This must be related.

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