Grammar Wednesday

Oh, how I LOVE California Teacher Guy. He’s SO on my list of blogging friends that I’ll have to meet face-to-face at some point; he’s funny and smart, and what’s more is that he’s rescued plenty of Grammar Wednesdays for me.

My dear Mrs. Chili,

Maybe you could give a spelling tip to the person who painted this sign in Dirty Little Desert Town.


Okay – here’s how I learned to tell the difference between dessert (a little bit of something sweet one has after dinner) and desert (a usually hot, dry place); I look at the number of S’s in the word. More than one “s” is dessert because – yes, thank you – I’d like more than one dessert, and one “s” is desert because, really, one is far more than enough, don’t you think?

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

sign photo credit – CTG

dessert photo credit

desert photo credit



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6 responses to “Grammar Wednesday

  1. I will admit that I used to have a hard time remembering the difference until I started associating the double S in “dessert” with “super sweet.” I’m not a wizard at spelling so I have a few little tricks like that to help me.

  2. My 4th grade teacher told us that dessert was twice as good as a desert, so it needed twice the s’s. I’ve never forgotten it.

    She also said to spell tomorrow as 3 words; tom, or, row, and we’d never get it wrong. She was absolutely correct.

  3. My 10th grade English teacher (Thanks Mrs. Maybee!) taught me that dessert has 2 for Sweet Stuff and desert has 1 because there is nothing but sand

  4. These are GREAT, Everyone! See how these little tricks stick in our heads?

    Lanie, I like yours – Sweet Stuff (which is what we call dessert around Chez Chili) and Sand. That seems easier to remember than my trick of wanting two desserts. I may steal this – thanks, Mrs. Maybee!

    Tense, I learned how to spell together as three words – to get her. I don’t remember who taught me that – I think it was a friend’s father – but I never misspelled that word ever again.

    Jules, got any other fun tricks?

  5. My ***insert upper level administrator here*** sent an email out yesterday saying that something we were doing would not “effect” next year’s schedule. Groan. Another one is also in the habit of “talkin’ southern” in front of the entire work force once a month. Drives me nuts. It is one thing for me to slip and ask my husband if the fountain is “broke,” quite another to do it in a meeting of peers.

    I think my administrators need grammar tips everyday.

  6. Spelling came so easy to me as a child. The only thing I still have to really think about is I before E except after C. The word niece gets me every time.

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