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Grammar Wednesday is on hiatus this week; I’m on inter-term break and am enjoying a little of the time off (though I am planning on getting together with O’Mama this afternoon for some class planning).

The only grammar-related news I have is that Mr. Chili reported, after picking Beanie up from school yesterday, that the sign outside of the paras’ office has been taken down.  I suspect that this is very likely as the result of my harassing them about the damned apostrophe.  My hope, though, is that they’ll make a new sign – a correct sign – and that I can post a picture of it soon!

Happy Wednesday!



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5 responses to “Grammar Cats

  1. Consider this my sealed envelope guess: Neither of those teachers will ever put up a sign for anything. Ever again.

  2. John, I’ve got to tell you – I’m late to the whole LOLCats craze, but I think that some of them are downright hysterical!

  3. If you really want to drive them crazy you should make your own sign (with the correct apostrophe placement, of course) and hang it up. That will really irritate them!

  4. fermat

    And there was much rejoicing. Hurray.

    Just an aside. If you want a good laugh go to Youtube and list Varla and Schoolhouse Rock in the search engine. She does a great, moderately safe for work (strong language), musical number. Enjoy!

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