Why I’m Going to Miss Teaching at TCC

TCC is a little, podunk-y nothing of a school. It carries with it no prestige, no reputation for excellence, and certainly no enviable salaries. My experience here, though, has been nothing but positive from the point of view of the working environment. My superiors have never been anything but supportive and encouraging, and I can only hope that I find bosses half as respectable in whatever my next position will be.

This was from Dean G. in my inbox this morning concerning Betsy’s plan to contest her grade in our composition class. Plain, simple, and to the point:

She gets what she earned.

I love my bosses.



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10 responses to “Why I’m Going to Miss Teaching at TCC

  1. Wow, I thought he was at least going to insist there be a meeting. Very cool.

  2. M-Dawg

    Excellent to hear that your Dean supported you.

    Any news of a new position?

  3. Val

    Wow…unwavering administrative support. Very nice! I’m glad it’s over for you. Now hopefully that little chicky can move along, and so can you 🙂

  4. I’m so glad to hear of this! Too often, admin. caves to wanting to maintain good PR instead of academic standards.

  5. drtombibey


    If they free you to be a teacher, then they are a great institution regardless of size.

    My organization is not very big, but they let me be the best Doc I can be.

    Dr. B

  6. Great outcome! I’m glad you were ready with your justifications for the grade…just in case.

  7. You make the place better. I look forward to reading about your next move.

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