Apostrophe Obsession

I’m having outpatient surgery this afternoon, so Mr. Chili will be picking Beanie up from her after-school program.  I’m sending him in with this note to stick to the sign which, Bean assures me, is still wrong:





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5 responses to “Apostrophe Obsession

  1. Seriously, you’re going to be SO popular at that school. 🙂

  2. fermat

    Maybe you could add an adendum: read “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” to clarify. Apostrophe police unite!

  3. Many times when I see apostrophes misused, I try to ignore it. But when, as in this case, the error was apparently made by someone who should know better and who is also responsible for teaching others, well, my response would probably mirror yours. Hope it works!

  4. He he. You and my sister can join forces. She was at her daughter’s first grade open house. The teacher had items around the room labeled. One said “vidio;” My sister said, “what is that word supposed to be?” The teacher said “video, videotape.” My sister said, “that is misspelled.” The teacher became angry and said, “IT IS IN SPANISH.” Then my sister said, “that is not how you spell it in Spanish, either.”

  5. fermat

    The next question is: has the sign been changed?

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