A Poem

I found this today at “Language Rules” and I had to share.  It made me smile:

Foolish Speak



English lauds as a language for fools.
Who can keep up with th’ extravagant rules?
Professors and teachers must practice and twitter,
So students and others can suck til they quit ‘er.

Diction is dandy; syntax, sexlacious;
Commas are overly used and contagious.
A semi-colon certainly seems semi-stoppy,
While periods punctuate prose á la choppy.

Apostrophes thoroughly trump and elude
Even the smarty-pants programmer dudes.
Copyeditors clean up and make merry
Even the ugliest copy contrary.

Where in the quotes do you put the full stop?
Within or without? Either, neither, or what?
What about commas, questions, and complaints?
Exclamations, too, are surreptitiously quaint.

English lauds as a language for fools.
Why wouldn’t you want to play dictionary duels?
English, I say, is for language-law lovers.
Its rules are circuitous—under the covers.



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3 responses to “A Poem

  1. I love that syntax is sexlacious. Is she referring to me? – “Even the smarty-pants programmer dudes.”

  2. sillylauralonglegs

    Hi, Mrs. Chili ~

    It’s me, the poet! Thank you for reading and sharing my poem about one of my favorite subjects.

    Saintseester ~
    The “smarty-pants programmer dudes” are some of my best friends. Geeks Rule!


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