More Dissatisfaction

A few more of my composition students have filled out their end-of-class surveys. I’m sorry, but it’s really hard for me to take this criticism to heart:

-we were compaired to her children who are apparently smarter than us in grammer

The incident this student refers to is the story about the error on the back of the Fruity Cheerios box. I was explaining, during my subject/verb agreement lecture, why “one in ten kids gets” and told them that Beanie caught the mistake and asked me about it.

Never once did I, nor would I, EVER compare my students to my children (or vice-versa).  This student thought I did, though, and there it is in black and white on my performance survey.




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9 responses to “More Dissatisfaction

  1. Of course (and I would NEVER put this on the record), if you asked your children to write the sentence your student posted, I’d put money on the table they’d write that sentence properly.

  2. Um, yeah, I bet they would.

    I’m sitting here under a mountain of end-of-term papers (everyone’s scrambling to get in all the work they’ve blown off all term long). I thought I’d share these little gems with everyone:

    Writing about her grandfather’s recliner, one student reminisces that “every time I walked into the house, I could still smell sweat, blood and tobacco.” Eeeew! What went on in THAT recliner?!

    Oh, this is a good one. This represents the entirety of a student’s essay in response to a reading assignment I gave them (an assignment that came complete with prompts, I might add):

    “After reading 5 People you meet in Heaven lots of thoughts went through my mind. Eddie is a very interesting person but he is also very protective.”

    This was part of the re-write that my hip-hop boy did on his “research” paper:

    “By this politicians already were threatened by the music whether they listened to it or not. Some valued the truth telling but didn’t understand the shit talking. Bragging from some groups “more money than a sucker could ever spend.””

    I STILL don’t get it…

  3. Lord have mercy. Really. I wonder if the change in status of your campus is affecting student feedback. My guess is that it would. I’ve let off a few vitriol filled rants at my alma mater for closing the engineering programs.

  4. nhfalcon

    I’m sure you’ve done this already, Mrs. C., but talk to Bowyer about how to deal with this student’s complaint. He’s had to deal with similar situations at least twice that I know of. Ask him about the kid who told his his parents “Mr. B. said it was ok for us to eat our own poo!” and “Mr. B. said it was ok for us to have sex with our own family members!”

  5. You read a sentence like the one in that evaluation and you just wish that the kid was smart enough to be doing it ironically. I’m sure s/he’s not, though. Sigh.

  6. I’m forever amazed at the huge difference between what we say, and what people with chips on their shoulders hear.

  7. Clearly, the student is an idiot. His “complaint” loses all credibility with the spelling error. I actually laughed out loud when I read it.

  8. The fact that the kid wrote grammer only stresses the point you were trying to make. Your administration will only laugh at this comment (if they read it already).

  9. I like the misspelled profanity carved into one of my desks. Each year students giggle when seeing it. 🙂

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