National Grammar Day

How did I not know this?


I was tipped off by Word Lily (thanks, Ma’am!) and am off to go investigate some of the geeky pleasures that are likely to be found on this little holiday.



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5 responses to “National Grammar Day

  1. You betcha! No problem! 🙂

  2. When I write I tend to emulate the grammar of the authors I found most enjoyable, so I’d say that good grammar could be taught by selected good things to read!

  3. I’m not sure I could agree more, Daz Cox.

    I should also say here that “good grammar” is a HIGHLY situational thing. Sure, there’s the academic, “proper” grammar, but there’s also colloquial grammar. If I’m writing in my true “voice,” I’ll say things like “wicked good” – but I’d never say that in a formal piece of writing….

  4. Carson’s bad grammar: Being too wordy. I am sure there is more….I improve each day.

  5. happy grammar day! 🙂 that rocks.

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