The Plague Comes to TCC

I opened my email the other day to find this precious little announcement:

Dear Campus Community:

In light of the tragedy at Northern Illinois University on February 14th, I want to assure you that TCC has an emergency response plan in place to help ensure the safety of our campus. Your safety as well as the safety of our staff and faculty is always a top concern.

We recently discovered a posting on MySpace written by one of our students that contained a threat of violence. The police have been notified, and we are in contact with them. The student will be suspended until further notice, and a security guard was posted on campus first thing on Wednesday morning.

Unfortunately, in the wake of tragedies like those at NIU and Virginia Tech, some individuals with very poor judgment choose to make threats. The school has zero tolerance for communications that are suggestive of a threat of physical violence or abuse, and we take every threat seriously.

We also want to encourage all of you to keep your eyes and ears open, trust your instincts, and let your instructor or a staff member know immediately if you see or hear any suspicious activity. We each play an important role in ensuring everyone’s safety.

We remain committed to protecting the safety of everyone in our campus community.

I arrived at the college this evening to babysit my computer lab and found that the satellite doors have been locked; the only way in was through the main doors. I also found that we’ve hired armed security to be a presence on campus for the foreseeable future. As I was walking through the parking lot to my car, I wondered how much good those measures will do.

Cajunvegan recently experienced an actual shooting at her school. I cannot begin to imagine what that must be like, and I’m hoping to all that is holy that I never have to find out.



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7 responses to “The Plague Comes to TCC

  1. Merci beau coup ~ be safe.

  2. It sounds like they have a good plan in place. I’m sure it will be effective for this threat and hopefully the clear response will deter anyone else for at least a bit. It’s a mystery, all of it. Hope someone solves it soon.

  3. Something is in the air. A record 6 kids were suspended from our school yesterday for fighting.

    2 of those were DURING MY CLASS!

    So I got to breakup my first fistfight yesterday. The result: Those who doubted my skills as a Jedi, no longer do.

  4. NEVER doubt a Jedi…

    I’m glad you’re okay. That’s some scary stuff, even when weapons aren’t involved. Yet another reason I’m glad I don’t work in public schools (though I DID talk two kids out of a standoff in my class last term. They were staring each other down, two BIG young men, and I stupidly got right in between them and turned my bitch on. They were, much to my surprise, sufficiently intimidated and backed off. No one was more surprised than I).

  5. ” . . .turned my bitch on . . .”

    Love it.


  6. Chili, we even had a threat a few years ago at my teeny tiny private school. It’s scary stuff these days what kids can get their hands on, and you can never be too careful. Be safe!

  7. Gee, that must be really really frightening. On the other hand, it must be very reassuring to see that your administration has taken a serious stance and will not tolerate such behaviour. I recently discovered a few videos that students from my school put online. They are innocent little clips, shot in other teachers’ rooms, but it made me realize how vulnerable we are in todays technological world.

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