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Professional Collaboration

Are you up for a little professional collaboration?

I want to put together a 16 week, college-level course in Film as Literature. My vision for this course is that it would be set up in a seminar format – viewing, discussion, writing, discussion, reading, discussion – and would focus almost entirely on film as works of literature. I would want to have at least two – maybe more – crossovers of novels/plays to films (I’m thinking specifically of Hamlet, The Prestige, and To Kill a Mockingbird, but I’m open to other suggestions and am also willing to have the books/plays rotate from semester to semester) so that the students can get used to the idea of seeing the written word and film as separate works of art, even when one is based on the other. I want to include these films in the course:

The Last Samurai
Mississippi Burning
A Dry White Season
Schindler’s List
Dances with Wolves
Willow (or LadyHawke)
The Green Mile
I Robot

I’m sure there are other films I’ll want to investigate, but these are the ones I’ve been itching to do with a class.

What I’m looking for from you, Dear Readers, is both some collaboration and some guidance. Can you all help me put together something that would hold up to the rigor expected in an upper-level course? What kinds of objectives do I need to put on a syllabus for such a class? How do I design the work and the assessments so that the students can demonstrate mastery of those objectives?

My goal is to have a complete packet – syllabus, lesson plans, sample assignments, the whole thing – put together so that when I start interviewing for jobs, I can show them this work. I’m hoping to eventually be able to TEACH this as a special topics class, and I’m really looking to wow my perspective employers with my comprehensive and academically valid course.

So, what do you say? Are you up for doing a little brainstorming with me?


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