WELL! Okay, Then!

It seems that Mrs. Chili is soon to be out of a job!


Chatty, who knows my superhero, secret identity, emailed me this evening with this little tidbit:

 I just heard Joe Reporter on W-LOCAL NEWS announce TCC’s closing??   Did you know that was happening??

My answer to Chatty’s question was “welllll, sort of; but I had no idea it was happening NOW!”

The long answer is that TCC’s holding company has been trying to sell the school for a while now.  This, of course, was not news to us.  It is also true that TCC’s holding company has been having some not insignificant trouble finding a buyer.  This is also not news to us – we hear about it in meetings, in corporate emails, and over the photocopier.  That the school is closing, though?  TOTALLY new news to everyone.

I thought I’d share with you, Dear Readers, the email that we received from the president of TCC.  This is an exact, cut-and-pasted copy of what we got by way of announcement that the school is closing.  In reading this, would YOU have guessed that you’re being told you’re out of a job?

Good morning:

Again, I want to re-iterate to all the faculty and staff how proud I am to be associated with such a dedicated, passionate group of individuals.  I have attached a letter from Anthony S. who is the new Managing Director of Campus Transitional Schools.

I have also attached a list of some frequently asked questions that students may ask faculty and staff.    Peter H. has offered to add to the list of frequently asked questions over the weekend and I will forward an updated FAQ to you all early next week. 


 It turns out that the ax notice came in the attachment from Anthony S.  It’s buried pretty deep; see if you can find it:

We looked at numerous criteria in evaluating the alternatives to a sale, met with the leadership of each school, and reviewed a significant amount of data.  We considered, among other things, each campus’s current financial performance and forecast, real estate aspects including use of capacity and potential lease alternatives within each school, location and viability of the current brand or another brand in that location, and level of interest from potential purchasers.  We considered these decisions very carefully and took additional time to do so, in order to ensure an outcome that takes into account the best interests of all constituencies.

We recognize that the last 15 months or so have brought a level of uncertainty and related anxiety, and we continue to be grateful to you for your unwavering commitment to your school and your students during this difficult period.  We will work hard to ensure that your contributions are appropriately recognized.

We will honor our promises to our students and have made the commitment to an orderly transition that will provide current students with the opportunity to complete their programs.

Student externships and services such as career services and financial aid will continue to be available to students throughout the teach-out.  Our graduates also will continue to receive all other necessary services.  Upon closure, we plan to move records and other support to one central location accessible via the Internet, except as necessary for them to may remain local.. Graduates will be appropriately notified of these final arrangements.

Here are the key facts that you should know about this decision:

Although the date for the final closing of the campus is December 31, 2009, we may wind down our operations earlier or later, depending on the needs of our students.

This decision will result in some immediate staff reductions and additional future reductions on a phased-in basis.  We will follow up with each of you within the next 30 days to provide you with additional specifics in connection with your individual situations.

We will offer severance pay to our full-time faculty and staff, as well as stay bonuses, as appropriate.

Our intent is to make this as transparent and supportive a process as possible, and we are committed to ongoing communication for faculty, students, parents and all stakeholders.

Guess what I’LL be doing this weekend?

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13 responses to “WELL! Okay, Then!

  1. M-Dawg

    I love the lack of professionalism, respect, and the way this was handled through an email????

    Incredible! 😦

    I’m sure you read about our excitement down in Salem, MA and the potential layoffs and cuts midyear.

    Hang tough and good luck – keep us posted.

  2. I believe the vocabulary word of the day is, implication.

  3. Oh good heavens. You’d think if they were going to take the email way out, that at least they would just come out and say it in the first line. A “We’re sorry; we have to close; it’s unavoidable,” would have been a good way to start.

    I am sorry to hear it, though.

  4. Oh Chili, I am so sorry. And just as the others were, I’m appalled at the lack of… (well, I’ll just say it) balls — they should have just come out and said, “Hey folks, time to start looking for a new job!”

  5. Yep, sucks for us, eh? But really, you should read my blog about the REST of my day. (:

  6. *hugs* O, how it stinketh! I’m afraid I have little to offer except hopeful thoughts.

    Didn’t you recently mention that you were thinking of going somewhere more challenging? Maybe this is opportunity knocking a little more noisily than usual! ;D

  7. I am so sorry. If it’s any consolation, however, I am sure it will not take you long to find a new job. I will be sending you a lot of positive, job-finding vibes your way.

  8. Laurie B

    Not that this helps but this whole thing is as transparent as toilet paper in the trees. How can anything be so understated and confumbled? Fie on them and many hugs and live lifting thoughts to you and the mr. Something will come of this, for sure.

  9. What an insulting e-mail! I sure hope you have the ability to be flexible with your future plans.

    We have openings here in the West you might like…

    We’d love to have you here. 🙂

  10. nhfalcon

    First, I’ll have to admit that I did not read the letter itself. However, the implications from the rest of the blog and all the responses tell me that the letter was a typical, mealy-mouthed, CYA-type affair that told you you’d be out of a job soon without actually saying you’d be out of a job soon.

    For that, my sincerest condolences.

    However, the timing is actually pretty good. It won’t be long now (if they haven’t started already) before the elementary, middle, and high schools start posting their openings. If you’re willing to teach at one of those levels, I’m sure you’ll pick up a new job pretty quickly.

  11. I really do not have any words for such a mess. If you like Houston and can deal with the weather and a bunch of really bright high school students, we are conducting a national search for an instructor to teach AP English language and comp.

    We are a bit conservative here. Good luck!!

  12. Mary

    Horrible! Sounds like a chain of restaurants shutting down at a strip mall. Is this like a Kaplan School or something?? You’ll be better off someplace else, sounded like a rinkydink outfit from what I have read here over the past few months.

  13. What is with the way people communicate in business? Argh!

    I may be able to throw you a couple proofreading gigs, if you’re interested.

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