What Did I TELL You?!

Bad delivery karma!


I decided that my literature students would do a comparative analysis for their mid-term project, so I started them off with a showing of Zeffirelli’s Hamlet today.  We made it to the last scene in the film, which we’ll watch on Wednesday, then we’ll launch right into Branagh’s behemoth production which, as I rightly predicted, was waiting in my mailbox when I returned home from work this afternoon.


Since we don’t have classes on Monday (Presidents’ Day), we’ll be that much farther behind schedule; I’m hoping to convince the girls to come in on the day off to watch more of the movie, but I’m not sure anyone will want to do that.  I still have quite a lot of material to go over with these ladies, and I’m hoping to not overload them in the last weeks of class.  I think they’re tough enough to take it, though, and as long as they can keep up everyone should do just fine.


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