Black History Month

In my efforts to expand upon TCC’s Gay/Straight Alliance – to be more inclusive and to better serve the needs of the student population – I’ve broadened the group’s scope and changed its name to TCC’s Diverse Student Alliance. I’m hoping that, by being more open and attentive to a wider range of students, the group will grow and strengthen beyond the small membership we currently enjoy.

The Goddess of the Front Desk worked her magic and scored my little group its very own display case. It was originally intended to hold materials pertaining to the GSA – the pledge that members sign, pride flags and bumper stickers that promote acceptance, news articles that pertain to the GLBTQ community – but I’ve decided to let myself get a little creative with it and use it to reach out to students who likely wouldn’t give the GSA a second look, but who might be interested in issues that affect them directly.

February is Black History Month. I’ve had a WONDERFUL time searching and learning about Black history over the last few days, and printing quotes, photographs and articles that celebrate the contributions that Blacks have made – not only to our country and our culture, but to the world. I also had a great time putting the display together. I don’t consider myself very talented in visual arts; my decorating style is best described as “minimalist” and I’m not very adventurous with color or pattern or design. Still, I think I did a pretty good job with this (with the much appreciated help of the Goddess) and I hope that it will catch students’ eyes and attention.


This is half of the display (I’m leaving the other half out because it contains information that would give away my super-secret identity). On the other side is this photograph.


I’m running a challenge to the students to identify this figure in Black history, and I need to come up with a suitable prize. What do you think should be the reward for knowing who this lady is? (I’m purposefully not giving credit to the photo; doing so would immediately tell you who she is…)



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9 responses to “Black History Month

  1. Mary

    Mary Bethune of course!

  2. Well, wouldn’t you think a great book written by or about a great (African-) American might be a suitable reward?

  3. I like the new name of your group–EVERYONE is welcome!

  4. Mary, I love that you say that like EVERYONE knows who she is. I have the Goddess stumped, and I’m betting that none of the kids will know who she is…

    Seester, that’s a great idea. I’ve got an extra copy of The Bluest Eye that I might just give away – or I might get a book of MLK quotes as a prize.

    CTG, I like it, too (though it means my GSA mug is out of date). I’m hoping that it helps with membership; I’ve been disheartened at how few kids come to the gatherings…

  5. Boo hoo! I missed getting to say who she was….:(

    The display looks great!

  6. That’s a great looking poster from Teaching Tolerance! Excellent display.

  7. I took that picture with my iPhone, too, which TOTALLY ups the cool factor….

  8. M-Dawg

    Great name for the group –

    Love the display case – creative. I like the mix of “old History” aka Malcolm X quote and the “new History” aka Jena 6.

    Prize suggestion: maybe a gift card for Barnes and Noble or a local book store?

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