Grammar Wednesday, Dinner Time!

I’ve been stuck on this website for DAYS now.  If you haven’t seen it yet – and have not yet been sucked into the geeky, humanitarian vortex which it creates – please do go and check it out.

For the record, I’ve made it to level 43 (and I now know what an abattoir is!).

Happy Wednesday, Everyone – and a happy Thanksgiving to those of my readers who celebrate it.



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9 responses to “Grammar Wednesday, Dinner Time!

  1. Darn you! I’ve got a lot of work to do and I’m now addicted to your word game! Why did you do this to me?

    And THANKS. I love it!

  2. M-Dawg

    Happy Turkey Day to you and your family! 🙂

    Love the Free Rice site – highly addictive!

  3. Waiting for the final rise on my bread I decided to give a quick click. 20 minutes later I’d made it to level 46 briefly. Spent a fair amount of time at 43 with occasional bouts of 44 and even 45. Stayed at 46 for a short bit and promised myself I’d stop when I got kicked back down to 45. And I did. For now. Donated just under 1200 grains. So frustrating, so fun.

  4. i’ve been spending time donating rice on and off for about two weeks now. i’ve made it as high as 46, but i’m usually more around 44. so addictive, but fun for word geeks like me. 🙂

  5. Laurie

    That is so awesome! My students have tiny little vocabularies, so this is perfect for them. I e-mailed the link to all the English teachers at my school.


  6. That’s great stuff. I saw it earlier this week. I’ll go back now. It’s fun! 🙂

  7. I’m thankful for all your kind comments on my blog, my dear Chili, and for turning me on to the Web site. One of my sons and I had a great time this afternoon giving away rice!

  8. Organic Mama

    Truly, I love that site and have enjoyed testing the breadth and depth of my vocab. I haven’t made it past level 46 yet, but I am determined to try, and donate whole rice fields in the process!

  9. On turkey day, with the help of the ENTIRE CLAN, we made it to level 50 for a few magical moments. It was great!

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