It’s Not EXACTLY What I Wanted…

… but it’s still a literature class!


I just got off the phone with Joe, my boss, about my schedule for next semester. I was really hoping for that Monday night literature class – running, as I was, on the assumption that the woman who usually snaps up all the daytime lit. classes would have had her way with the schedule by now.

It turns out, though, that she’s not teaching literature this coming term, but that the evening class that I had so hoped for has been taken by someone with far more seniority than I currently have. It also turns out, however, that there’s a daytime class – Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:40-10:50 – that’s available. At least, it was, until I grabbed it. I also managed to score a hybrid composition class from 11:10-1:00 on Mondays and a lab duty on Thursday nights from 6:00-8:30.

From what I understand, my responsibility to the lab class is to be a knowledgeable adult in the room and to help students with writing issues they may encounter for the time I’m there; there’s no prep and no formal teaching involved – I’ll be essentially an on-duty tutor. Joe tells me that I’ll likely spend most of my time “playing solitaire,” but I expect I’ll put that time to better use: I foresee a lot of good reading and grading time in my future.

The ONLY downside of this is that my schedule is shifting to a Monday/Wednesday scheme, and I was really hoping to keep my Tuesday/Thursday routine going. I still teach a step class on Wednesday mornings from 9-10:15, and I’m going to have to give that up – perhaps permanently – because of my TCC commitment. It was a hard choice for me to make, really; I’ve worked for the health club longer than I’ve worked for TCC and I feel I owe no small amount of loyalty to the club, but my professional heart lies with English teaching, not fitness instruction. Besides, I would have totally wrecked my credibility with Joe: I lobbied too hard for a literature class to turn around and tell him “no, thank you.”

So, long story short is YAY! I got another literature class! All your crossed fingers really helped! Thanks!



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7 responses to “It’s Not EXACTLY What I Wanted…

  1. M-Dawg

    Yahoo!!!! Congrats!

    That stinks about the fitness class . . . can they move around their schedule for you? Teach it on a different day or time?

  2. Congrats! It makes so much difference when you get to teach what you enjoy teaching. As someone who holds a multiple subject credential (meaning I can teach any elementary grade), at my middle school, I have taught science, math, language arts and social studies. My preference is to only teach the latter, but depending upon school needs, I know that sometimes I may have to teach science and math.

    I always give it my best effort, but I can also tell that when I have to teach math or science, I just don’t enjoy it as much.

  3. Hurray hurray! I’m sorry to hear that the lit class conflicts with your fitness class, but maybe there’s another way you could help out at the fitness center 🙂

  4. you must be young a spritely. step classes and running around teaching. more power to you.

  5. Yaaay! Congratulations! I made the shift to a totally different schedule this year, and it amazes me how quickly I got used to it. What will you be teaching in your new class?

  6. I don’t know, Frumteacher. I can’t really go through Frankenstein again (well, I COULD, but I’d like to do something different). The vastness of my choices is a little staggering. I have SOME things in mind – certain short stories and plays that I know I’ll want to cover, but I’m open to any suggestions any of you might have. What would YOU want to read in a literature class?

  7. Congrats to you.

    I’m new to your blog, please feel welcomed to come and visit mine.


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