I don’t really like the built-in site meter that WordPress offers, but I’m not computer-smart enough to figure out how to get any other (good) site meters to work on this forum. For as much as I hated Blogger (and I really did hate Blogger), they worked with SiteMeter, which is, as far as my limited experience goes, an ass-kicking site meter.

ANYWAY, I was checking out my WordPress meter this morning, just to see what was going on at this little blog. One of the categories it gives me is “Search Engine Terms: these are terms people used to find your blog.”

It seems that, yesterday, someone found me simply by typing “frustrated” into their favorite search engine.

I’m not sure how I feel about that because, really, I haven’t been particularly frustrated lately. Of course, now that I’ve used the word “frustrated” three times in one post, I’m probably increasing the likelihood of someone finding me this way again, aren’t I?

Frustrated, frustrated, frustrated!

On another note, does anyone know of a really great site meter that works with WordPress? I miss SiteMeter’s detail and I’d like to have something better than what WordPress is offering me. SaintSeester suggested Activemeter, so I went and got an account, but they really don’t tell me much more than the WordPress meter does – most of the reports on my Activemeter account are “UNAVAILABLE.”

Grrr. Gee – I guess I AM a little frustrated!



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2 responses to “Heh

  1. I wish I could find a better one for you, but I just don’t use them.

  2. I’m behind on your posts so only just got to this one. I’ve installed SiteMeter on my wordpress blog at no cost, so you should be able to do so too, unless they’ve changed the rules.

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