In a little less than a week, I will host the first ever meeting of TCC’s Gay/Straight Alliance.

I’m REALLY looking forward to this!

I’ve managed to order about two hundred dollars’ worth of “stuff” for the club.  A graphic arts student of mine designed a logo that Blue put on tee shirts, buttons, mugs, mousepads – almost anything that CafePress will make.  I’ve ordered 100 of the logo buttons – plus a bunch of logo coffee mugs – and a bunch of pride flag and “straight but not narrow” buttons.  The logo buttons came today; I expect the rest of the stuff to come by Monday afternoon.


I’ve also gotten with the head chef of the culinary school and he’s offered to “cater” the first meeting, thereby saving me from lame Dunkin’ Donuts and grocery store snacks.  The goodies that he’ll provide will be much more impressive than anything I could put together, and I’m really grateful that he’s offered to help.

The president of the school has agreed to speak at that first meeting, and I’m considering asking a couple of other people to talk, too.  I want there to be a range of experiences voiced in that first meeting – gay, straight, bi, transgendered – but I may have to seed the audience with some people because I’m pretty sure that, in the first meeting, anyway, people might be reluctant to talk.  I’m hoping, though, that we’ll make enough of an impression that word of mouth will get out that this is a cool place to hang out for a couple of hours every other Wednesday night.

I’m running this entirely on heart, so if any of you has ANY suggestions for me – ideas for activities, cautions about safety or privacy (or what to do about kids who come trying to “save” the attendees or to stir up trouble), resources for mission statements (I’m still working on TCC’s GSA mission statement, and I’d LOVE some help) or anything else that you think would be good for me to know, please – chime in!



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3 responses to “TCC’s GSA

  1. Katya

    Hi Mrs. Chili,

    Came here from Blue. Love the logo BTW. After teaching HS and Middle school in NYS for 15 years I stopped working in a PAID position to care for my 5 children and my 82 yo father and disabled sister.

    My suggestion on how to deal with rabble rousers is to let them go. Tell them that they may speak as long as they adear to your POLICIES. I am sure you have thought of a speaking policy and mission statement of you Gay/Straight Alliance, so make ALL who want to speak adhere to it.

    If they don’t – call campus security and have them removed.

    You need to set the stage IMMEDIATELY that you mean business. Act professionally.

    Use, for lack of a better, example. eeek, George Bush’s tactics on how to deal with people who cause troubele and the leaked memo on it.

    Make sure everyone in a office of your organization is prepared for ANYTHING!

    This is a LOT of WORK iniatially, but will save you in the long run.

    I am encourage to see the Prez is coming to speak at your 1st meeting. AN excellent sign of Admin’s committment.

    Good luck!

  2. Yay Mrs. Chili!
    I’m sure the meeting will go fine. Keep us posted.

    I love the new Meez, BTW.

  3. So how did the first meeting go? I’m anxious to hear about it!

    It’s so wonderful that you’ve got the admin involved as well. LGBT students these days really need that support and guidance. Man, what I wouldn’t give to have had people like you around when I was in school.

    Good luck with everything. It sounds like you’re off to a great start, and that’s some great advice from Katya.

    Stay strong in the good fight! A lot of those students take their strength from you.

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