Grammar Wednesday

A fellow English teacher took this picture on her way to TCC a few weeks ago. It’s hard to see it, but the sign over the bucket says “FOR HIGHER.” Seriously. My friend mentions, in her email to me about it, that the tractor has never, as far as she’s noticed, left its spot on the side of the road.

” Hmm… Could it be that backhoes go down and dig holes and trenches, not make things go higher?” my colleague ponders. “….. One answer to the “why do we need this English stuff” question…”




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2 responses to “Grammar Wednesday

  1. For higher WHAT is the question.

    I just heard Sally Field say, “I could care less.” Oops.

  2. i can honestly say i’ve noticed a serious increase in my tendency to accidentally use homophones in my writing over the last 5ish years. i’m wondering if it doesn’t have something to do with using AIM and other quick forms of communication more often in my life. but whatever the reason, it’s very annoying.

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