And Away We Go!

A new term starts this week at TCC, and my classes start this morning!

I’ve got a really great schedule this term – I really do love my boss; he just keeps coming through for me. My classes start first thing in the morning with a literature course at 8:40 and a composition class immediately following at 11:10. I’m done by 1:20 – plenty of time for me to be home before Punkin’ Pie gets off her bus. It’s perfect!

I’m really excited about both classes and am going into this semester without a lot of the usual jitters. I mean, sure, there are still some butterflies – there always are whenever I start something new (even if it’s something, like the comp. class, that I’ve done before) – but I didn’t have anxiety dreams last night and I’m not preoccupied with little nagging worries today, even though I’ve not taught a literature class at TCC before.

As far as I can tell, my roster is filled with some really great students. I’ve got old “friends” in each of the classes – my lit. class has three students whose names I know and the comp. class has two – and I’m looking forward to working with these kids again, even though one or two of them are charming pains in the ass. Thankfully, they’re not in the same class, so I get to spread out their brand of funny resistance over the course of my day (one of them is Adam; I wrote about him here).

I’m dying to get into the lit. class; my focus in college was literary analysis and criticism, and I’ve been itching to do that kind of work for a while. I’ve managed to help scratch that itch by introducing some analysis into my other classes – and by co-founding the Dark and Stormy Book Club – but being able to focus on it with a group of students is going to be great. I love teaching composition anyway, so I’m looking forward to that class by default.

I photocopied syllabi last night, I’ve got an idea of what I want to do with the classes if there’s time after introductions and policy review, and I’m off!


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  1. Wow! You must be on the quarter system, or some similar variation. Unlike you, I cannot, will not, teach that early in the morning. 8:40? It would kill me. My students would hate me. We’d all be in pissy moods when I was done. 9am is pushing it. I am teaching my earliest at 11 this term. I am just not a morning person.

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