I Love Them

I KNOW I’m not supposed to have favorites, but I do. Every term, there are students who work themselves into my heart, and it is for them that I am grateful to do the work that I do.

This term, I was lucky enough to have some of my favorites from past terms in my classes again; one of them went out of her way to take my public speaking class, even. These kids delight me with their smart and funny, and I’m excited to be a part of their becoming the people they want to be.

There are quite a few favorites from last term – and terms past – who aren’t in my classes, but I get to see them in the hallways on a fairly regular basis. These kids crack me up for various reasons: some of them keep coming to me for editing advice for papers for other professors (and some just pop into my room to show off an A they received on an essay – I LOVE that), some are coming to me for recommendation letters and interviewing advice, and one shares my love of Dennis Leary in Rescue Me and of Jeff Dunham‘s comedy, so we hang out in the hallways laughing like idiots or mulling over Tommy Gavin’s latest attempt at utter self-destruction.

Along with these “old” favorite students, I’ve made a couple of new ones this term, too. I’ve got a few students who I really look forward to seeing every week, and whose input in the conversations of our classes I value very highly. They are smart, articulate, and genuine, these kids, and for all that they may challenge me, they do it with respect and a recognition that I really am in this to help them reach their goals, whatever those goals might be. We’ve bonded, and I love that.


In spite of all the hassles I’ve had this term, a part of me is going to be very sad to see it end. On Thursday, I’ll give my usual end-of-term “just because I’m not your teacher anymore doesn’t mean I stop caring about you” speech, I’m going to try not to cry, and I’m going to hope that some of these kids stay in touch. The most satisfying part of my job is seeing “my kids” succeed.



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2 responses to “I Love Them

  1. Is it my imagination or is the theme of this season of RM “Tommy is vulnerable”?

    Oh, right, this is actually a post about teacher-student bonding. That’s cool too. 🙂

  2. That’s what it’s all about.

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