Deaer mrs chili

I just wanted to inform you that i won’t be in class tommaro.I just got news that her flight be in by 1 tommaro. At 9:00 am i have to drive to Boston to Logan airport to pick up my mom from Cambodia since my dad is sick.Sorry for the inconvenience ,ussually i come to all the class just not tommarro thats all just wanted to let you know first hand.Thank you for your understanding and have a nice weekend

We’re working on a lot of assumptions here. First, we’re assuming Student is telling the truth. This, according to a lot of the people who’ve told me of their experiences with this person, is a bit of stretch to begin with…

Second, if mom’s flight is coming in by 1:00, and Student leaves here at 9:00 to meet the plane, Student will be waiting around for the better part of 3 hours – and that’s assuming that mom will be able to step off the jetway and leave the airport; international flights have to go through a whole bureaucratic song-and-dance that adds at least another hour, usually more, to the process. Class ends at 10:50. There’s no reason Student couldn’t make it to class and still be in the airport in plenty of time to pick mom up without having to rush.

Third – and perhaps requiring the biggest leap – we’re assuming that Student’s absence from my class is an inconvenience….



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3 responses to “Sigh….

  1. Its much easier to add up a column of all zeros than it is to do all that pesky math with all those different grades. No inconvenience at all!

  2. We’re also assuming that this student’s first language is English.

  3. Oh dear… The letter does bring a smile on my face, I must admit, but I understand that this is not something to laugh about. Do you let him prove that he’s telling the truth, or are you going to do something else?

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