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Deaer mrs chili

I just wanted to inform you that i won’t be in class tommaro.I just got news that her flight be in by 1 tommaro. At 9:00 am i have to drive to Boston to Logan airport to pick up my mom from Cambodia since my dad is sick.Sorry for the inconvenience ,ussually i come to all the class just not tommarro thats all just wanted to let you know first hand.Thank you for your understanding and have a nice weekend

We’re working on a lot of assumptions here. First, we’re assuming Student is telling the truth. This, according to a lot of the people who’ve told me of their experiences with this person, is a bit of stretch to begin with…

Second, if mom’s flight is coming in by 1:00, and Student leaves here at 9:00 to meet the plane, Student will be waiting around for the better part of 3 hours – and that’s assuming that mom will be able to step off the jetway and leave the airport; international flights have to go through a whole bureaucratic song-and-dance that adds at least another hour, usually more, to the process. Class ends at 10:50. There’s no reason Student couldn’t make it to class and still be in the airport in plenty of time to pick mom up without having to rush.

Third – and perhaps requiring the biggest leap – we’re assuming that Student’s absence from my class is an inconvenience….


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