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Blue and SaintSeester


The lovely, talented, and generous Blue gave me permission to use her Eat. Sleep. Read. image as my blog banner, but I wasn’t smart enough to configure the thing to fit.  Enter SaintSeester, computer GODDESS extraordinaire, who fixed it for me!

I am well loved and cared for by my blogging friends, and I am very, very grateful.

Isn’t it COOL!?!


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The “I do not think that word means what you think it means” post.


This email was sent to the entire TCC faculty from the president of the school (I shit you not here, folks – I don’t make this stuff up…)

I have attached for you a copy of the student code of conduct that is contained in the student handbook. It is helpful from time to time to review various policies. Just as all faculty and staff are advocates and supporters for our students, we also have a responsibility to educate the whole person and develop well-rounded individuals. This means occasionally reminding students of the policy and the proper behavior that one must purport themselves with on a daily basis. Please take a moment to review our policy. Thanks!

No problem….

…EXCEPT that a quick check of the dictionary tells me that “purport,” as a verb, means;

1. to present, esp. deliberately, the appearance of being; profess or claim, often falsely: a document purporting to be official.
2. to convey to the mind as the meaning or thing intended; express or imply.

It may just be me, but I think that the verb he was going for there was “conduct” or maybe even “comport.”

It scares me, sometimes: it really, truly does….


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