New Books

I’ve changed the header photo for the blog – I was getting tired of looking at the same books.  Sadly, despite the generous permission Blue gave me to use her “Eat. Sleep. Read” image, I couldn’t get it to work; it came out all pixelated and weird.  Sigh.  Lacking imagination, I just uploaded an image of another shelf in the ‘teacher’ bookcase.

I’m willing to put a different image up there – something other than books – if anyone has any suggestions….



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11 responses to “New Books

  1. Perhaps her image was just the wrong size and/or resolution.

  2. I’m sure that’s true, Seester. Knowing that, however, and being smart enough to actually DO something about it are two totally unrelated things….. I’m an English teacher – my knowledge of computers extends to how to write essays on them….

  3. Doh, sorry! I just wondered if she could give you an image copy that matched the size you needed?

  4. Hey! I’ve got several of those books on my bookshelf too! Mostly the Norton’s…

  5. Why is it that these books don’t appear to be as friendly as the last batch?

  6. Open page of a grammar text?

    Picture of a famous literary figure?

    Text of MLK speech?

  7. You’re perfectly welcome to use my idea of several banner images on rotation, if you like…

  8. Seester, if I sent it to you, could you do some computer magic with it?

    Seth, I’m pretty sure EVERY English geek has at least ONE of those texts left over from college. My problem is that I never sold any of my English books back.

    Really, CTG? I would imagine that lit books would seem MUCH more friendly than grammar texts…

    Jangari, that assumes a lot of computer knowledge on my part – I’m lucky I figured out how to replace the stock image that came with the blog template….

  9. I am always willing to try! Send it over, I ‘ll look at it tonight when I get home.

  10. sphyrnatude

    Man, those Norton anthologies gave me a flashback to running the university bookstore back in the day. Tough job too: Spend two weeks every semester working your butt off (we often moved a couple hundren Kilobucks in a day), then spend the rest of the year sitting around in a warehouse full of the books for all of the courses the University offered – with nothing to do….. Heh.

  11. Ah, Norton… It’s no wonder I feel so at home here. I sure wish I could use those in high school.

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