This Concerns Me

I received an email from a coworker of mine today, and I’d like to share some excerpts:

Hopefully, this provides an opportunity to adjunct faculty and other full-time faculty who are under time crunches, to receive credit without having to actually be on campus. The in-service is two fold, with more detailed instructions attached. As a summery though, first, I’m asking that you prepare and submit a lesson plan …

Granted, it’s not TERRIBLE, but as someone who should know better, this person should have made sure that the letter was grammatically clean before it was sent out to the entire faculty. This is just me being a snob about grammar, but when this professor sends something like this and I find errors like these, I respect her a little less.



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8 responses to “This Concerns Me

  1. My brain automatically changed it to “summery thoughT” so that would make sense. A lovely warm, green, calming thought.

    Oh well.

  2. Our administrative team is notorious for sending out circular, misspelled, and grammatically incorrect e-mails. Grrr!

  3. What’s wrong with it? “Summary” is misspelled but that’s all I can see. Is it “hopefully” as a sentence adverb? Many usage books accept this.

  4. And there’s a rhetorical comma in the first sentence, before “to receive.” This is understandable, since there is a break in the intonation there when it’s spoken.

  5. Apart from the fact that phrases like to adjunct faculty and other full-time faculty make absolutely no sense to me, I’d also hyphenate two-fold.

  6. This is funny… I’m with you on it Mrs. Chili…. after the first error, I looked right past the “info” part of the email and started reading for grammar errors… Our administration often does the same thing. … …

  7. At first I wondered why spell check didn’t flag “summery” until I read the comment above – summery as in springish, fall-like, winteresque… LOL.
    I just emailed you a promotional flyer that was sent to me at work. It will be a good topic for a future grammar Weds.

  8. Autumnal, if you have a Union Jack on your flag.

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