Help a Girl Out

Jen is one of my favorite students. I’ve told you about her a few times, though to this point I’ve never actually called her Jen. She’s one of the good ones; she’s bright and funny, she’s responsible and thoughtful, and she’s a joy to have in the classroom. One of the many things I love about her is that she’s just as willing to engage with her classmates as she is to engage with me: she really contributes to the community of the classroom, and students who do that – and do it well and consistently – are few and far between.

Anyway, Jen’s in a predicament. She needs a new computer to do her schoolwork since she’s discovered, as so many other graphic designers and engineers before her have, that PCs are woefully insufficient to the task of really good graphics programs (Mr. Chili knows this, too, and has a Mac on his desk next to the PC the project he works in bought for his design work. When he gets to something that the PC doesn’t do well (or just plan doesn’t do), he switches to the Mac and gets the job done).

New computers cost a fair bit of money. We all know that college students are famous for not having money – fair bit or otherwise – so Jen is looking for donations to help her defray the costs of the new equipment. To that end, she and a friend have made a commercial and posted it on YouTube. While I’m not sure what the opening line of the ad is all about, the rest of the spot is good, and I’m appealing to you, my wonderful and loyal readers, to consider donating to her cause. The child wants to work for Pixar – how can you NOT want to help her reach that goal?

Even with weird finger paint on her face (she’s an artist, I don’t ask questions) isn’t she pretty?



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2 responses to “Help a Girl Out

  1. Do you have sand in your WHAT? My goodness gracious the language these kids use!

    And does it say “dontations” on purpose?

    I do give her points for creativity and audacity. I’ll send her an email.

  2. I know, huh? I asked her about that first line, and she explained that:

    My best friend, Josh, and I had an idea to do a commercial (separate project) that mimicked a herpes commercial but it was a disease where you had “sand in your cunt.” One of the times that I messed up, I just randomly looked into the camera and said it because he didn’t think I would be able to do the commercial and keep a straight face.

    She really IS one of the good ones, and I’m hoping that this helps her out. She would be one of the students I always look back on as a success story.

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