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Grammar Wednesday

This post was inspired, because I lack imagination today, by opening my grammar students’ textbook at random and writing about what I find there.  I just happened to open to page 199, which teaches about transitive and intransitive verbs.

A sentence, to be complete, needs a subject and a verb, a capital letter at the beginning and some form of end punctuation, and it must express a complete thought.  It’s that “expressing a complete thought” bit that messes up most of my students – they find the subject and the verb, they find the beginning and end components, and they think they’re done.  Not so.  Take, for example, this structure:

I went to the post office and mailed.

We have a subject – I.  We have a couple of verbs joined by and – went and mailed.  We’ve got a capital letter and end punctuation, but what we don’t have is a complete thought – I went to the post office, check, but WHAT did I mail?  We need more information.  We need an object.

A transitive verb is one that requires an object to make sense of the sentence.   Mail, as a verb, requires an object; whatever it is that was mailed – a letter, a book, a bomb.  I teach the kids to ask “who or what” to find out if a verb is transitive.  “I went to the post office and mailed –  who or what? – a letter.”

An intransitive verb does not require an object to make sense.  “Mrs. Jessup sings.”  End of story – no more information is required.  We can certainly GIVE more information – Mrs. Jessup may sing opera or she may sing show tunes or she may sing badly – but we don’t NEED more information to make sense of the verb.

Sorry this week’s offering is kind of lame.  Remember that Grammar Wednesday fodder is always welcome!


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