Ready? Set?



I start teaching again tomorrow morning. I have three classes in the summer semester; two sections of public speaking and one section of grammar.

I’m a little conflicted about teaching in the summer. I’m (mostly) happy to be working year round; we can certainly use the money and there’s never anything bad about getting teaching experience, but it does make things a bit more complicated as far as scheduling goes. With the girls home from school, I have to figure out where they go when I’m at work. At least right now, at the very beginning of summer, I’m a little sad to have to send them away for the entirety of Tuesdays and Thursdays – I may feel differently in a few weeks, though, and I recognize that.

I see, on my rosters, that I have a couple of students in these classes that I’ve taught before. I have a group of girls from the composition class from the semester before last, and it will be fun to have them in class again. I’ve discovered that, for the most part, I really enjoy having students I know in new classes (unless, of course, that student’s name is Dave or Tad…).  Mixing familiar faces with unfamiliar ones makes the process of getting to know a class a little less daunting.  It’s made even better when you know for sure that you like the students coming back to you, and you know that they can be relied upon to break the occasional cricket-chirping silence.

This morning will be spent updating and printing syllabi and thinking about what I’m going to do for the first classes tomorrow. Experience has told me that, once I start to taxi down the proverbial runway, takeoff is no problem. That doesn’t stop me from having a little anxiety about finding the RIGHT runway, though, and I’ll be spending a fair bit of time today making sure that I have my coordinates straight.


 Seats up and tray tables in their full upright and locked position, please.



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6 responses to “Ready? Set?

  1. best of luck to you! it’ll be great. 🙂

  2. Saintseester

    Yah, I know about summer. My department is too small for us to regularly take summers off. So I buck it up, and enjoy the rare summer that I don’t have to teach. I have trouble with the faster pace of summer, since I always get behind. In the regular 14 week term, I can build in a float day or two. In the 10 week summer, that is a lot harder to do.

  3. Uh, Mrs. Chili? The post above? I was using someone’s computer that I was doing some web maintenance work on for them, and of course it signed the wrong name before I noticed. Can you edit out that other website link??? They want to remain anonymous.

  4. I was wondering when that was going to start. I thought it might have been today.


  5. Organic Mama

    You’ll be fabulous, I’ve no doubt.

    Today was day one for me and no matter how prepped I was last night before I went to bed, I was up all night tweaking and reconfiguring my plans. Ugh. Apparently, that is fairly normal for first day of classes for a lot of teachers. Fortunately, I was ubercaffeinated, so my takeoff was good. Lovely. coordinates analogy, by the way.

    It is bizarre to teach in the summer; my teacher clock is firmly set on the standard September to June clock. Having said that, it’s a new and intriguing experience to be in a college that runs the whole year and with my kids away for the summer, it’s nice to have something exciting to do.

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