How seriously do I take THIS?! This came as a comment in the course evaluation survey for my M/hybrid class – please note that I did not alter it in ANY way: the punctuation and the spelling are entirely the student’s:

Faculty Survey – Chili, Mrs.

could not stand her as a teacher. she is to full of herself




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13 responses to “SO!

  1. If you even give that a moment’s thought, you’re crazy. Anyone who is incapable of correct capitalization, punctuation and spelling didn’t pay attention in your class or in high school, and “she is to full of herself” is not a legitimate explanation of the student’s feelings. Not worth the time.

  2. nhfalcon

    I agree. Come on, Mrs. C., we’re all well aware of the caliber of student you were teaching in that class, and unless this kid was one of the bright spots, his / her opinion isn’t worth squat.

  3. I think I have been here before…and I just had to comment on this one…even though we don’t get our surveys back until the following semester…I can always attach a name to each and every survey ;)……we know who they are..I had one professor state that the lack of punctuation and capitalization can all be blamed on text messaging and email…things that make you go hmmmmm 😉

  4. Tense and Falcon, I’m certainly not going to lose any sleep over it – and I’ve said before that I KNOW I can’t reach everyone – but I still consider every comment, regardless of how ill-worded it may be. I’m not taking this one to heart, but I’m also not going to entirely discount it, either.

    Danielle, we don’t actually GET surveys. The students fill them out online (or not; out of the 21 registered students I had in that class, only seven filled out the survey and of those seven, only two completed the ‘open response’ section. The other respondant simply wrote “A+.”)

  5. harsh, but i think a lot of students misread confidence as “full of herself.” someone once said that about me to a friend of mine. he was talking about dance at the time, and said, “sometimes she seems so full of herself.” my friend said, “no, she just knows what she’s doing. she’s been doing it for seven years. it makes sense.” i think he gave up after that.

    you rock – don’t let them tell you otherwise.

  6. Those are the kinds that I tape to my office door…

  7. Yes, you’re far too full of knowledge. Sharing it makes you look like a know-it-all… or a teacher. lol

  8. sphyrnatude

    I’d bet this particular student was one of the bombers. The course evaluation is (supposedly anyway) an opportunity for the students to provide feedback on the course and teachers. Feedback that can be used constructively is worth paying attention to. General digs, insults and bitches like this one are worth printing out and sticking on the office door, but other than that should be ignored.

    Face it, if the kid expects to do nothing in the class, then is pissed because they got an “F”, what kind of response do you expect?

  9. Well, look at it this way: At least the kid didn’t say, “She’s full of sh*t.” LOL

  10. “To funny!” I see your point entirely. One must consider the source, yes, but then… by the same token, people who wish to criticize should do it with correct grammar, especially when writing to a teacher. Nothing makes a laughing stock out of a person more than having a rant and not spelling the words correctly, LOL.

    (BTW, I found your page through Meno’s blog.)

  11. Ah, and someday when she’s old and wise, and ready to be educated, she will realize she could have been a little more full of ‘you’ too if she had listened…

    Visiting from Life: The Ongoing Education – I could use a Grammar Goddess in my life!

  12. Nutmeg, welcome! I have a fairly strong idea of who wrote this comment (now that I’ve had some time to think about it) and I have serious doubts that the time when she’ll be ready to realize this will not be coming anytime soon…

    I’m off to check you out…

  13. Is it wrong that I got a great chuckle from that evaluation?? 🙂 Those are the keepers.

    Welcome back from vacation!

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