I Love This Part…

images-12.jpegMy spring classes are over. The finals have been corrected, the speech evaluations have been written, the grades have been submitted. For the next two weeks, I am entirely without outside scholarly commitments.

It’s just about this time of the term when I sit back for a bit and reflect on all that’s happened. I mentioned before that I learned a lot this term – and plan to continue learning as I go – and I very much enjoyed my students. I realized that, for the first time in the nearly-a-year that I’ve worked for TCC, I didn’t have my bozo twins. There were no students I dreaded having to deal with this semester, and that made a surprising difference in my attitude about the work that I did.

I asked all of my students to write notes – either to me or to the students I’ll have next term – telling about their experiences in my class. In a fit of self-promotion, I’m sharing some of my favorite lines with you here:

** Although I did not form any strong friendships in the class, by the end of the semester I was left with a small piece of my classmates, not to mention our teacher. So, in conclusion, if you are willing to open up and give a little of yourself, you will receive a lot more in return.

** My favorite thing is you really focus on proper grammar and writing techniques…I didn’t try as hard as I should have, but your teaching did make a difference.

** This class taught me that being prepared is one of the most important life lessons. Being unprepared causes stress and makes everything one hundred times harder than it needs to be.

** I liked this class for two reasons: one, you’re an amazing teacher. You have a great sense of humor and you like to have fun, which makes a class a lot easier. Two, I got to be creative, which I really don’t get to be in most classes.

** I felt challenged in this class and felt like I earned whatever grade I ended up with… I feel like you provided us with the tools we needed to speak well.

** What I liked about this class was the environment. Everyone was supportive, and the teacher was very enthusiastic.

and, finally, my favorite;

** I feel that the speeches and speakers that you chose for us to analyze, especially Elie Wiesel and Ronald Reagan, opened my mind to things I had never taken the time to think about before. It felt so great to be able to take these new ideas and thoughts and go home and discuss them with my friends and family. I feel smarter.



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4 responses to “I Love This Part…

  1. awww, those are great. you deserve to be self-promoting, because you’re an amazing teacher. 🙂

  2. sphyrnatude

    “I Feel Smarter”.
    I’ve never had that one from a student, but it must feel really GOOD!

  3. clap clap clap!
    Reading those notes must give you such a wonderful feeling! A great way to start your summer. I don’t want to think about what my freshmen would have written down, had I asked them… :-/

  4. Wonderful insights from your students! 🙂

    Happy vacation. Anything planned?

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