It Pains Me…

I need a drink.

The first question on my public speaking final is:

The issue of insulting and abusive speech – especially slurs directed against people on the basis of race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation – is extremely controversial.  Do you believe society should punish such speech with criminal penalties?  To what degree are colleges and universities justified in trying to discipline students who engage in such speech?  Do you feel it is proper to place any boundaries on free expression in order to prohibit insulting and abusive speech?  Why or why not?

Here is a shortened, though otherwise unedited, example of an answer I received:

I don’t believe that society should punish any types of this speech with criminal penalties.  Yeah they did talk directly to people on the basis of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.  Everyone is different.  We one person don’t have the same religion, we each believe our own thing….  Us people have our own personalities, and believes…. We work hard to write that speech, and think hard on what would be right to say to the crowed.  Yeah, some people, may get offensive, but if they do.  I think they shouldn’t be there to listen to any kinds of speeches.


This should do wonders toward explaining my need for Monster Boggle



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7 responses to “It Pains Me…

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  2. How does one become “crowed,” and is there a special language one should use to those who have entered that condition?

    Birdspeak, I suppose.

    Or maybe that would be bird’s beak.

    Oh, never mind.


  3. Ho-ly…

    I recommend a margarita.

  4. Wow, that makes me want to drink.

  5. sphyrnatude

    ain’t no s’prise there man. Whatfor woodya think folkses cain’t atlk good english jus ‘caus someone wrote that way?

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