What Teachers Make (edited)

Derek over at Eats Bugs posted this video on his site yesterday. (YouTube is being cranky and will only see my personal blog this morning, so I can’t post the video directly at the moment. Sorry.)

While I haven’t been lately feeling underappreciated, it was still a welcome thing to have the importance of the work that we do be so pointedly and plainly expressed.

It’s not about the money.

Edited to include this wonderful bit about the sorry state of most students’ communication skills, which I found while poking around on Google, looking for more information on Taylor Mali.  I’m bringing this piece in to play to my students before they start their persuasive speeches, and it’ll be part of my opening-day routine for each of my classes…..



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8 responses to “What Teachers Make (edited)

  1. What a powerful presentation. I’m stealing it.

  2. Please do. The more people who see it, the better…

  3. Oh no! *laugh* I forgot that a heart would get html-ized. Oh well.

    I love Taylor Mali – his poetry makes me wish I lived in Georgia, so that I could teach more of it.

  4. I emailed him too, Chili.

  5. Excellent poem! I will find a way to incorporate that one into at least one poetry unit next school year.

  6. Dana, why do you have to live in Georgia to teach poetry? Sorry – I guess I’m a little confused…

    Tense, did you check out the audio file from the NPR link? THAT’S a great poem to work into high school classes; I’m not sure that the “what teachers make” piece wouldn’t fly right over their little heads and sound more like self-aggrandizing than the passion for our calling that it represents….

  7. Begh. That’s why I shouldn’t try to type anything coherent in the morning. I meant I wish I lived ANYWHERE BUT Georgia so I could teach more of his poetry.

    Goodness knows I could never get away with showing THAT in class. *sigh*

    And don’t even get me STARTED on “that one requisite swear word.” OMG. Reminded me SO much of some of the angsty coffee-house stuff from college. Tee hee, indeed.

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