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Grammar Wednesday

I don’t have much for you today, class. It’s the end of the term here at TCC, and I’m busy getting grades caught up and writing evaluations for my students’ final presentations. If it weren’t for California Teacher Guy, you’d be getting a lame repeat of comma rules. Go tell him “thank you.”

CTG sent me a note the other day that read:

Try this on your Grammar Wednesday sometime, my dear: “I could care less.”
Truly yours,

Arrgh, indeed! This falls under the “think about what you’re REALLY saying here” category.

If you could care less, then that means that you do care, at least a little. Of course, that’s not what people mean to say when they say that: they mean to say that they just don’t give a crap, so they should just add the contraction “n’t” and start saying what they really mean.

I usually freak people out by saying something to the effect of “I could care less, but it’s just not worth the effort it would take.” It’s funny to see their gears grind on that one.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


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