I was listening to NPR the other day, as I often do, and David Greene was interviewing various individuals in Iowa about how they felt about the presidential candidates campaigns thus far. Since Iowa’s caucus is so early in the season, that state gets a lot of attention very early in the game, and the people at NPR wanted to know how the average Iowan felt about that. Several people said that they were interested in the early showing of the candidates, and really liked the fact that they got a sort of advanced preview of the coming election season.

I was following along just fine until one gentleman claimed that he’s “been on Hilary probably more than anyone else.

Here’s a case where one should really choose one’s words a bit more carefully, because I’m sure that didn’t come out the way he intended, and I KNOW no one wanted that image in their heads…



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    Oh, I wanted to tell you that you came up in conversation today …

    My Evil Genius Husband read a snippet of a news article and claimed that a sentence within was gramatically incorrect. I disagreed. He insisted. I said: “Don’t make me e-mail Mrs Chili!”

    He conceded.


  2. sphyrnatude

    OK, I gotta take the cheap shot:
    Bill had HIS turn. Why not Hilary? (Just don’t look to me…)

  3. Yeah, huh? I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “will somebody PLEASE give Bush a blowjob so we can start impeachment proceedings?”

    I have to echo your sentiments for this one, Sphyrnatude; don’t anybody look to ME!…

  4. Hehe,
    You reminded me of a satirist from Australia, for the Chaser, who went to one of Hilary’s public appearences and asked if there were any openings for intern. His resumé? Photos of his in satin underwear on a silken bed, cigar and all.

  5. Oh, dear, word choices really are important.

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