I Can’t Stand It

This afternoon, the Chili family was over at Bowyer’s, goofing around, watching the Red Sox at the Yankees, and just generally lazing about. I brought my computer because, well, I’m not really a huge baseball fan and I thought I might like to do a little surfing from Bowyer’s wireless.

I went up to the little arrow in the top right corner of my blog (see it up there?) and pushed it to see what would happen. It directed me to a blog – I’m assuming one that was randomly chosen by some algorithm – and I read for a bit, then I hit the arrow again.

I’m sad to say that there was really not very much that interested me, but that’s not what I’m writing here about; what prompted me to write the title of this post were entries like this one:images-23.jpeg

he whole bloody post just disappeared right infront of mi.
damn, i hate this.
yet another crazy night at s club.
jas’s sis’s bf’s bro’s bday party.
distance i know.  ANYWAY,

Excuse me, dear, but were you a student of mine?

It seems, from my (admittedly brief) foray into WordPress, that a lot of this sort of thing happens in the blogging world. It also seems that the bloggers who use this service are either techno-geeks (I found this blog, which is actually very well written. It caught my eye because of the teddy bear USB device; scroll down once you get there to see it – it’s pretty funny) or holy rollers (there are an AWFUL lot of blogs devoted to Bible study and church events). Now, I have to disclaim that I have no evidence to support these generalizations beyond my about half-hour cruise with the arrow button, so I could be full of shit here. You can push the arrow and decide for yourself.

I think that the NaBloPoMo Randomizer is still online, if you’re interested in doing some unmapped surfing. I can’t vouch for the literacy of the content, but I do know that all these bloggers agreed to Fussy’s NaBloPoMo back in November, and I found some GREAT blogs through that….



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3 responses to “I Can’t Stand It

  1. There’s quite an impressive number of linguistics blogs from very well-known and respected linguists, which is cool. I haven’t done my research but I’d hazard a guess that linguistics is probably best represented in the blogosphere relative to its popularity as a science (yes, it’s a science).
    I don’t know if any philosophy blogs exist, or art history blogs. I know of a couple of anthropology blogs, but they tend quite closely to linguistics. Are there any other academic fields with large blogging circles?

    I sometimes search technorati for ‘linguistics’ and all I get is a plethora of myspace and livejournal blogs by students complaining about their linguistics homework. Not highly interesting.

    As for the random feature, I never try that. You’d sooner with the lottery that find a quality blog randomly.

  2. Oh, Jangeri, I disagree with your last statement. I found SEVERAL great blogs on the NaBloPoMo Randomizer; not the least of which being Tense Teacher and TwoBlueDay (see my blogroll). I will admit, though, that I found most of the blogs I read regularly through comments on blogs that I read.

    How did you and I find one another, do you know?

  3. I suspect I searched wordpress tags for ‘grammar’. It directed me to one of your ‘Grammar Wednesday’ posts or something.
    Feel privileged that yours is the only ought blog that I read (as opposed to is, in the Hume sense).
    Since then, I’ve come around slightly. I now think that while linguistics is still predicated on usage, in all practicality, there still remains a place for ‘correctness’. Kind of like a ‘sophisticated prescriptivism’.

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