images3.jpegThat’s how many students, out of a hybrid class of twenty-three, did the homework for today.




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3 responses to “Five

  1. Hang in there, Chili! Semester is almost over, no?

  2. Oh well, screw it.
    It’s their tuition fees they’re wasting, right?
    They’re big kids now and they have to learn how to work independently. Unfortunately it’s an expensive lesson.

  3. While I do NOTICE that they’re slacking, it’s affecting me less and less. I haven’t quite hit the level of apathy/resignation about it that my department head seems to possess, but I am secure in the knowlegde that what I’m asking them to do is both relevant and reasonable.

    Derek, we’re almost halfway through our term. I teach at what some people call a “junior” or “community” college, and we generally run 12 week terms all year round. My kids are going to LOVE their mid-term exam next week; I can hardly wait.

    Yeah, Jangari, it IS an expensive lesson. What I find interesting is that some of them never learn it – most notably Megadeth Dave, who is, I believe, on his THIRD go-round in TCC’s public speaking class…but not in MINE!!! : P

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