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images3.jpegThat’s how many students, out of a hybrid class of twenty-three, did the homework for today.



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Nothing Yet…

The letter I sent to my holdout students has, thus far, produced not a single response.  Whether this is because the students in question haven’t checked their email or because they just don’t give a shit, I don’t know.  Either way, the end result is the same.


While I seem to be having better luck with this term’s hybrid students, I’m still not entirely convinced that TCC should use the half in-class / half online format.  I’ve yet to have a student really thrive in the hybrid classes I’ve taught.  Sure, some of them do well enough, but I’ve not encountered a student who was self-motivated and conscientious enough to really learn in a hybrid course.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that some English classes work better as hybrids than others.  I could probably do well teaching a hybrid grammar class, and the composition class wasn’t too bad (and would have been much better had the students actually done the work I assigned) but courses like public speaking and literature are probably best left as traditional “chalk-and-talk” classes.  I’m willing to take a lot of responsibility for the relative failure of my hybrid courses on myself; I don’t really understand how to teach an online course well, and I know for sure that *I* wouldn’t thrive as a student in such a format.  I’m going to be more forceful with Joe next term; I asked him not to give me hybrids this time around, but I’m not sure he heard me.

There are plenty of faculty at TCC who DO like teaching the online courses.  They can have them.


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