I Really Need to Unsubscribe

Last year, when I was looking for a teaching gig in a high school, I signed up for the educational employment site Teachers-Teachers.com. I figured it would be a good way to distribute my resume and to tap into specific job searches that targeted only those positions that I would be interested in considering.

At LEAST once a week, though, these people torture me with offers of work in exotic places. Last week, it was the Mariana Islands (go ahead and click on the link – it’s like a mini-vacation in itself). This morning, they’re hitting me up to come and work in the US Virgin Islands.


If I were single, I’d be emailing my resume RIGHT NOW…

Seriously. It’s inhumane…



Dear Chili,

Located in the Caribbean Sea, the United States Virgin Islands could truly be considered the Caribbean’s Melting Pot; students and their parents represent a multitude of cultures (i.e. Caribbean, East Indian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Asian, American and many more). The United States Virgin Islands Department of Education currently employs over 2,000 teachers and other educational professionals in a variety of areas including Elementary Education, School Psychology, English, Social Studies and Special Education.

The VI Department of Education offers a generous benefits package to all education personnel, which includes:

-Pension Plans with the Government Employees’ Retirement System (GERS) including disability, death, and retirement benefits.
-Health Insurance
-Life Insurance

Please visit out website, using the below link, to learn more about the Virgin Island and our schools, obtaining certification, view current vacancies, and learn about our application process at:


or if you prefer, you can simply click on the link below to send your cover letter and resume.


I look forward to meeting you!

Alscess Lewis-Brown
Director, Human Resources
United States Virgin Islands Department of Education



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6 responses to “I Really Need to Unsubscribe

  1. Holy Moly! If only I weren’t too spoiled by analytical linguistics to teach English…

  2. This is what I’m sayin’! TORTURE! I’m in gray, cold, wet New England. It’s really nice here for only about, oh, four and a half months, and the ocean doesn’t look like THAT around here, I can tell you for certain. Sigh..

  3. Grr, that didn’t work. I think flickr prevent people from posting .jpg images without a link to the site. So here‘s my second attempt.

  4. YIKES, Jangari! Did YOU take that picture?

    That rivals what’s been going on here! We had several days of torrential rain earlier this week – a Nor’easter blew up the coast and brought with it good wind and quite a bit of water. Two people died, several roads were closed until as late as yesterday (some are still washed out), schools either closed or let out early on Monday, and there’s a LOT of water-damaged crap being hauled to the curb for trash pick-up. You can see more here:


    It’s all over now, though – it’s sunny and warm and I’m leaving my computer for the afternoon to go out and enjoy it!

  5. Yeah, I took it. But the water is meant to be there, that’s Claravale Crossing, one of the few places where it’s ever possible to cross the Daly River (in the top-end), and it’s only possible between July and December.
    How horrible about all that flooding! Meanwhile in eastern Australia we’re suffering the worst drought in recorded history and may not have enough water this season in the Murray-Darling basin for even basic agricultural needs.

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