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One More Than Half


One more than half – that’s how many kids in my hybrid class did their homework.

I have 21 students in the class, and I received emails from 10 of them.  While this is worlds better than the track record for my last hybrid class, it’s still a little disappointing. My impressions of this class were much more favorable than those I got from the last group of kids, and I was really hoping for a bit more compliance from these students.  I know, I know – I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but I do.

What really surprises me is the fact that the young lady who’s taken a class with me before is among the ten who blew off the assignment.  While I can kind of understand the other students testing my boundaries (“is she really going to give us zeroes for stupid homework assignments?”  “Why, yes!  Yes, I am”), it doesn’t make sense to me that someone who’s lived with my policies wouldn’t bother to at least make a half-assed attempt at the work, especially in the beginning of the term, when I give full credit for completed assignments regardless of the quality of the work that gets turned in to me.   Later in the term, I start grading for content and effort (and, of course, grammar), but my system right now is entirely binary – you give me something, you get full credit; you hand me nothing, you get a zero.

As it stands now, I’ve got eleven kids with A grades and ten with Fs.  Here’s hoping they all bring in the assignment that’s due in class tomorrow; recovering from one zero isn’t really that hard, but starting off the term with a couple of them right off the bat puts quite a bit more pressure on them than they’d like to have to endure.


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