Day One, Part Two

ch5.gifOh, yeah!  Uh-huh!

I met my Tuesday/Thursday section of Public Speaking this morning, and I have to say that I’m a very happy Chili right now; I seem to have two really good classes.

Yesterday’s class was great.  There wasn’t a single student in there who gave me pause for concern – they all seemed relatively on the ball and willing to do the work.  The conversations we had in class were as lively as I could have expected for the first day of classes, and none of the students exhibited any overt hostility or resentment at having to be in the class (which is one of the pitfalls of having to teach required courses).  The same held true with this morning’s class, too, and I’m psyched about that.

In each of my classes, I have one familiar student.  Yesterday’s class contains a young lady who dropped out of my hybrid composition class last term; I’m not sure what the story was with her withdrawal, but it was just as well that she left formally because she was rarely in class anyway and, therefore, was failing.  The gentleman in today’s class is a student I had in my face-to-face comp. class last term, and he’s one of my favorites.  He’s dry and funny, thoughtful and articulate, and I can always count on him to say something when the crickets take over and the entire class is staring at me cross-eyed.  He never fails to give me material to work with, either; he showed up to class this morning – literally – in his pajamas and a bathrobe.

This morning’s class, like yesterday’s, seems to be a pretty good mix of people.  I’ve got a variety of majors in the class – along with a fair range in ages – and, though there are a few quiet folks in the group, everyone was willing to participate in conversation today, so it’s all good.  We made it through all the material I had planned for the day, they came up with some interesting answers to the questions I posed for them, and no one moaned about the homework I assigned.

I don’t want to jinx myself, but I think this may turn out to be the best semester yet.



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7 responses to “Day One, Part Two

  1. Congrats on a fabulous first day (part II)! The first day of school is my favorite day(s) of the year! I love the positive thinking going on too! Your semester will be awesome with an outlook like that! Congrats again!

  2. It’s wonderful to enjoy what you do!

    Congrats from me as welll!!

  3. Do you think I could get away with wearing my pj’s and bathrobe and, of course, my fuzzy Tigger slippers on my last day as an intern at Bowyer’s high school? 🙂

  4. You probably COULD, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you plan on putting in an application for work there next year….. : )

  5. WOO HOO!!! Finally….good classes.

    You’ve definitely earned them. Yay for Mrs. Chili!

  6. Don’t you just love class sessions like that? It is what keeps me teaching…

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